Popularity of new age computer technique was increased at the beginning of 1990.  Its high level gave huge possibilities for domestic industry to make a step forward. So there was demand of the key scientists unit efforts for creation an interuniversity educational institute aimed to the creation of qualified staff in modern computer technologies.

Rector of Voronezh State Technical University (VSTU),  Academic Frolov V. N., deputy of Russian government, physic nuclear engineering scientist Kadmenskiy S. G. and professor of VSTU Golnik E. R. were the first initiators of such educational institute creation. Shiyanov Anatoliy Ivanovich, Pro rector of educational work of VSTU was charged with this difficult task of project realization.

The institute has been working since 1992. First faculties were organized: faculty of information systems and economics. Education process was organized in two specialties which determined further institute development in engineering and social humanitarian unit direction. The teaching and professor staff recruitment has been started.

The first state accreditation IICT got in 1998  and since that time IICT has been giving diplomas of state sample.

The institute expanded its bonders.  The Lipetsk branch of International institute of computer technologies was registered in 2002.

IICT got the secondary state certificate accreditation in 2003. New specialties got licenses including postgraduate degree – Candidate of Science.

IICT got its next certificate of state accreditation and license for education activity in the higher education and postgraduate study 2008.

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