The chief of the department – Barannikov Nicolay Ilyich , Doctor of Engineering, associate professor



International Institute of Computer Technologies
Address: Office №308
Solnechnaya, 29 b
Voronezh, 394026,  Russia
Phone/fax: +7 (473) 221-00-69


The Department of management and economics was organized for preparation managers of new generation that are able manage firms in the domestic market and operate modern methods and management tools in the conditions of business globalization.

The main aim of the department for the nearest future is the maintenance its level to high growing demand of Russian companies and organs of the state authorities for management professional international level because of fusion Russia into the world economy.

Library stock provides with necessary modern training aids and educational-methodical literature every student in all basic sub-faculty subjects. Students work at the computer classes using modern information systems.

16 highly qualified teachers including 8 Doctor of Science and Candidate of science work at the department. Teaching staff works much on making up methodical textbooks for the department subjects for students of every study forms and preparing scientific training aids for issues of the day according studied disciplines.

The main scientific sub-faculty direction is the manufacturing management.

Students make research efforts under the direction of lecturers.

The sub-faculty trains the bachelors of «Management» direction.


The obligatory disciplines are thought at the department:

  • Economics
  • Management basics
  • Research of management systems
  • Organization theory
  • Organizational behavior
  • Strategical management
  • Innovation management
  • Human resources managemnt
  • Marketing
  • Business planning
  • Financial management


Furthermore students teach high-level program languages, information technologies of management, project management and etc.

Graduates are given the bachelor degree at management direction.

On graduating students can continue the study at the magistrates or post-graduate study.

Professional management line is the ensuring effective management organization control, organization of management systems, perfection of management according the tendency of socioeconomic development, management of small and medium-sized businesses.

Objects of professional activity are different organizations of economic, manufacturing and social areas, subdivisions of management systems state enterprises, joint-stock companies and privet companies, functioning of scientific production associations, research, engineering and developing organizations, state run authorities and social infrastructure.

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