Head of the department – Ostapenko Aleksander Grigoryevich, the honored worker of the Higher School of Russia, Doctor of Engineering Science, professor.



International Institute of Computer Technologies
Address: Vatutina 1,
Voronezh, 394026,  Russia
Phone: + (473) 252-34-20
E-mail: info@kafedrasib.ru


Ensuring the information security is the most important problem both for the government and for enterprises providing high demand of professionals able ensuring security functioning of information objects and minimize risks of loss, leaks and information destruction.

The department of information security systems was organized for training specialists in area of information security in 1999.

The head of the department is the Honored worker of The Higher School of Russia, Doctor of Engineering Science, professor,  Ostapenko Aleksander Grigoryevich, one of the key domestic scientists in the area of information security. All teaching staff has academic degrees (titles).

The department trains bachelors in «Information Security».

Students are trained in low, organization, hardware-software, cryptographic and technical methods and security information means, study organization and exploitation means and systems ensuring information security at information objects.

Educational process is taken place in modern lecture rooms, in computer classes and laboratories equipped with special techniques for information security equipments.

On graduating students can continue the study at the magistrates or post-graduate study.

Graduates can work on the next enterprises:

  • manufacturing, designing organizations, telecommunication-telecasting agencies, branch and academic institutes
  • commercial enterprises of different  types
  • government, joint-stock and privet enterprises, banks
  • organizations of government and municipal management
  • Russian structures of power departments, research test institute  of technical information security problems, federal service of technical and export control and other departments
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