Head of the department – Kryuchkova Irina Nicolaevna, Candidate of Science, associate professor.



International Institute of Computer Technologies
Address: Office № 410
Solnechnaya, 29 b
Voronezh, 394026,  Russia
Phone: + (473) 239-29-67
E-mail: iren_home@inbox.ru


Department of Information Science and Computer Techniques was organized one of the first in the institute for preparation highly qualified specialists in the area of development and exploitation information and computer systems any complexity. The department has computer laboratories equipped with modern techniques besides physics, electronics and electrotechnology laboratories, specialized digital laboratory. Especial attention is attended to a diploma project according that students develop themselves completed software products owning practical value. The diploma project allows at once several students work together on one project that allows getting skills of team development and agreements of local informational structures.

Professor’s staff is 24 professors including 2 Dr and 19 PhD.

Research effort is connected with effectiveness increase of computer usage at technology communication and educational process, development of information technologies, programming of telecommunication systems.  Field of professional graduates’ activity is resources, means and methods of human activity directed to creating and usage of computers, systems and networks, computer-based systems of information processing and control, computer aided design systems, computer software and software of computer-based systems.

The department trains bachelors in «Information science and Computer techniques».


Discipline course supposes mastering of general computer technologies and disciplines oriented on application computer techniques for professional tasks:

  • software engineering
  • systems software
  • computer networks and telecommunications
  • computer graphics
  • engineering and design software computer production
  • object-oriented programming
  • database
  • design of management-information computer systems
  • operating systems
  • theory of management-information computer systems


Students are trained to exploit any types of modern computers, design and exploit local and distributive computer networks.

On graduating students can continue the study at the magistrates or post-graduate study.

Graduates can be systems programmers, computer networks administrators, engineers of computer aids exploitation.

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