Head of the department – Nizovoy Aleksandr Nicolaevich, Candidate of Engineering Science, professor



International Institute of Computer Technologies
Address: Office № 503
Solnechnaya, 29 b
Voronezh, 394026,  Russia
Phone: +7 (473) 239-29-67
Fax: + 7 (473) 221-00-69
E-mail: vuz@iict.ru


Department trains bachelors in «Electrical power Engineering and Electro technology»

Demand of specialists this direction is determined by tasks of conversion electrical power systems, their reliability growth and effective exploitation. Power supply of object is complex of devices and processes connected with getting electric energy from grid, its transformation, distribution and consumption.  Students study extensive and versatile theoretical courses allowing them gaining an understanding of electric power manufacturing, delivery and transformation questions , calculation and right choice of the power supply  system parts, optimal design and their effective exploitation. Energy saving is an important part of study. Graduates can design complicated electrical power systems, develop power supply  systems with usage of modern computer technologies, ensure application of energy saving technologies in industry, use obtained knowledge at researches and development alternative and renewable power supply.

Teaching staff consists of 21 teachers including 18 Doctors of Science and Candidates of Science.


Directions of research work at the department:

  • research of supply and distributing networks behavior for reliability growth and economy of user’s power supply
  • research and development theoretical and practical aspects of usage technology of renewable power supply energy with low wind speed  and middle sun activity
  • effectiveness increase of relay protection and automation systems of power engineering


Basic disciplines at the department:

  • computer-based system of supervisory control at power industry
  • modeling and computer technologies
  • electrical power systems safety
  • optimization at electrical power systems
  • application computers at power industry
  • relay protection and automation of power engineering systems
  • technologies of power  energy  off-centre and renewable power supply
  • energy economics
  • electrical equipment of power stations and substations
  • power energy systems and networks


Graduates can continue the study at the magistrates or post-graduate study.

Graduates are trained for designing, production and technical, research and scientific, exploitation, setting-fixing and management activity.

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