Head of the department – Vahreneva Polina Evgrafovna, Doctor of Philosophy, professor



International Institute of Computer Technologies
Address: Office № 503
Solnechnaya, 29 b
Voronezh, 394026,  Russia
Phone: + 7 (473) 221-00-69
E-mail: vuz@iict.ru


Popularity of the psychology in the modern world is determined by the whole line of reasons. First of all life speed has been increased a lot and mind can reach it, secondary  we don’t have time to analyze and handle with  huge information flow of mass media because of it stress, mental disorders  have been become more frequently. That is the reason for training specialists in psychology science as a try to glance at in tomorrow and to solve many problems appearing in the life.

The aim of the department is to train students to recognize problems and mechanism of human personality consciously and teach students to analyze present events in the modern society that influence on the psychology emotional person condition.

Also department trains in humanities sciences.

Teaching staff consists of 20 persons 12 of them are doctor of science and candidates of science.

There are being made researches of psychological process aspects of professionalism for successful psychology activity and of the most important parts of the personal growth in the frames of «Practical psychology». Students of IICT have opportunity to feel themselves as practical psychologists and to look at yourself  from other side. All necessary conditions have been made for students not just to take part in trainings but speak in public as key groups under a supervisor. All classes are leaded in the relax room.

The department gives bachelor degree in «Psychology».


Main department disciplines:

  • anatomy of central nervous system
  • geopolitics in the modern world
  • foreign language
  • organization psychology
  • culture
  • basics of consultative psychology
  • general psychology
  • common psychology practical training
  • pedagogics
  • political science, sociology, science of low
  • psycholognosis
  • psychology of personality
  • psychology of development
  • stress psychology
  • family psychology
  • social psychology
  • philosophy

On graduating students can continue study at the magistrates or post-graduate study.


Graduates work in:

  • management of human resources in organization
  • psychology of management
  • marketing psychological basics
  • consultation of different people group
  • individual and group activity of psycocorrection
  • family consultation
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