Head of department – Ivanchenko Alexander Ivanovich, Candidate of Science


Department specialty

Since The Novovoronezh nuclear power plant was founded need of specialists able to ensure trust and effective exploitation of plant power blocks has appeared.

Bachelors in «Nuclear power and thermal physics» are trained in Novovoronezh using educational laboratory bases of Novovoronezh nuclear power plant and Novovoronezh training center. Educational process is realized by key specialists and professors of VoronezhStateUniversity, Novovoronezh nuclear power plant and Novovoronezh training center. Themes of diploma works are close to the organization needs for the next application of work results into organizations.

Students are trained to conduct  tests and determine efficiency of fixed and reparable nuclear power plant equipments, picking up equipments for changing and work best performance during exploitation , planning and realizing assembly fixing works for putting into operation nuclear power plant equipments, developing projects of basic nuclear power plant equipments according environmental challenges and operating safety.


Studied disciplines according the curriculum:

  • nuclear power reactor
  • heat-mass exchange in power equipments
  • physical-chemical processes into the nuclear reactors and nuclear power plant steam generators
  • control nuclear power plant automated systems
  • nuclear power plant protection principles
  • nuclear power plant reliability and emergency systems
  • environmental technologies at nuclear power plant


Our graduates work by engineers of exploitation, setting, repairing and fixing of nuclear power plants equipment.

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