International Institute of computer technologies

Department of scientific work

Pro-rector in Science work – Annenkov Andrey Nikolaevich , Doctor of Engineering, professor
Head of the postgraduate study – Chentsova Nadezhda Nikolaevna

Address: Office № 201,
Solnechnaya, 29 b
Voronezh, 394026,  Russia
Phone/fax:+7 (473) 246-38-97, +7 (473) 246-38-97


The postgraduate study of the International Institute of Compute Technologies  was organized by the order Ministry of  Education RF №2314 of  may 29, 2003 in accordance with normative legal documents that regulate educational process at the institutes of higher education in the sphere of postgraduate study in the Russian Federation.

Postgraduate students are trained on degree programs according the license giving  the right to carry out the educational activity in the sphere of postgraduate education that was issued by the Federal Inspectorate Service in the area of education and science.

The postgraduate study offers the training of  scientific and research-pedagogical staff  of the highest qualification for work in the technical and economic areas, for the institutes of higher education, for industry and agriculture.

Scientific advisers are qualified professors having degrees of Doctors of Science, professors.

IICT accepts foreign citizens according the international agreements and direct communications with foreign organizations at the next degree programs:

05.09.03. Electro technical complexes and systems
05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs
05.13.19  Methods and systems of security information, information security
08.00.01 Economics

Postgraduate study offers next forms of educational process:

  • full-time study
  • part-time study
  • applicant education (an applicant is a person having a higher professional education, attached to the organization or institution that has postgraduate and (or) doctoral studies, and prepares a thesis for obtaining the degree of candidate of science without graduates studies, or a person who has a doctor’s degree prepares a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science)

Terms of education:

  • full-time study – 3 years
  • part-time study – 4 years
  • applicant education – 5 years

Educational process is founded on a contractual  basis with compensation of a tuition fee . The tuition fee is set up by the rector order.

Admission to postgraduate study requires next documents:

  • the document of equivalence of foreign education certificates to the higher education diploma of the Russian Federation issued  by the Office of international education and collaboration of the Federal Education Agency of the Russian Federation
  • the scientific supervisor’s preliminary agreement to collaborate
  • the document that confirms the authorization of residence on the RF territory

Documents are accepted every year from July 1st till september 1st.

Documents for entrance at the postgraduate course for full-time study or part-time study:

  • written statement in the Rector’s name of admission to the postgraduate study that is attached a seal of supervising professor
  • copy of the diploma and the certificate  of equivalence of  foreign state education documents  to the higher education  diploma of  the Russian
  • a questionnaire
  • an recommendation for entrance to enter the postgraduate study
  • a list of published scientific works/inventions (if they are) with its applied review of the supposed supervising professor   or the report with its applied review of a supposed supervising professor
  • 2 photos 3?4
  • a copy of the passport

Documents for attaching to postgraduate study for preparing thesis in form of applicant education:

  • written statement in the Rector’s name of attaching to the postgraduate study that is attached a seal of supervising professor
  • copy of the diploma and the document of equivalence of  education certificates/diplomas of foreign countries  to diplomas  of  higher education of the Russia
  • questionnaire
  • solicitation of attaching to postgraduate study from work
  • extract from the minutes of sub-faculty meeting ( it must contain sub-faculty agreement for attaching presented candidate , approved theme of thesis , fixing the supervising professor)
  • list of published scientific works/inventions
  • 2 photos 3?4
  • copy of passport

People entering to the postgraduate study are to have an interview with a supposed supervising professor.

The entrance examination makes a decision of admission to the entrance examinations according the results of the entrant’s interview with supervising professor.

People entering to the postgraduate study have to pass next exams:

  • Special discipline
  • Philosophy
  • Russian language

Repeating the exams is not allowed.