List of documents, necessary for entrance to the Russian Federation and studying at IICT


Solnechnaya st., 29b, Voronezh, 394026, Russia
International Institute of computer technologies
Preparatory department
Chief – Nizovaya Irina Yurjevna
Phone: +7 (473) 221-00-69, 239-25-01
Mob. 8-904-213-86-35
Fax: +7 (473) 221-00-69


The foreign students are admitted if the following documents are available:

  • copy of passport
  • invitation from IICT

Receiving the documents, dates of the beginning of terms.

Submission the documents to the Preparatory department:

  • term of study 6 months
  • term of study 10 months

Beginning of study – 1st of September of the current year.

Additional expenses

  • Hostel fee (for one person) – 80 US dollars per month
  • Medical insurance – 200 US dollars per year
  • Visa support – 20 US dollars