Voronezh city is located in the central zone of European part of Russia on the Central Russian upland in the valley of the river Don, at the intersection of large Transport motor highways and trunk-railways. The distance between Voronezh and Moscow is 587 km. Climatic conditions are temperate and seismic activity has not been observed.


Voronezh development has being realized in the frames of an industrial model since the beginning of the last century.  Today Voronezh is a big administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural center of Russia.

There are about one million people that live within the precincts of a town that occupy 600 square kilometers.  Industrial potential of the city is determined by the science intensive and laborious branches of mechanical engineering, metal processing, chemical and petrochemical, light and food industries. Furniture production and construction materials are highly developed in the city.

Novovoronezh nuclear power plant and furl lines passing nearly Voronezh provide diversified structure of the city production with electric power and heat. There is social and engineering infrastructure that corresponds to the modern city -forming enterprises.  Enterprises of small and middle-scale business have gotten major ability of development over the last years.


Number of entrepreneurs is constantly growing these days. Local authorities are making everything possible for creating the most favorable conditions for investment in the real sector of economy.

There are about one and half thousand industrial organizations (including 150 major enterprises) and more than 150 registered firms with foreign capital having company promoters from Germany, Czechia, Liechtenstein, the USA, Italy, England, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Uzbekistan.  Voronezh ranks 14-th place among central cities of Russian subjects according to the turn-out.

Creation of industrial city potential wouldn’t be possible if there was not be multiple-discipline scientific foundation. Voronezh city is the key scientific center of the of Central Black Earth region. Research activities are made in 56 scientific research institutes and planning design offices. There are 35 institutes of higher education, 18 technicums (institutions of non-university level higher education train specialists at intermediate levels for the various sectors of the national economy). Today more than one hundred thousand students study at the institutions of university level higher education.  More than one hundred institutes are the members of Russian and international Academies of Sciences.


Voronezh by right is considered the cultural capital of the Central Chernozem territory. This reputation is created not only by remarkable theatres, museums, libraries and cinemas, but also by well-known writers, artists, composers, actors, whose creativity makes glory for Russia.

 High staff potential of the city, diversified economy, convenient geographical location and developed infrastructure create strong foundation for investments in Voronezh economy.


Interesting materials

  • Voronezh is considered to be the fatherland of the Russian regular Navy and the Soviet airborne troops.
  • First in the world repetition work of supersonic passenger airliner TU-144 and the first soviet wide-body plane IL-86 was begun in Voronezh.
  • Voronezh has being included in the list of the Russian historical cities since 1990.
  • Voronezh was given the honorary title of «the City of military glory» for its courage, firmness and outstanding heroism shown during the fight for freedom and independence on February 16th, 2008.
  • The equipment of the mobile broadband communications a fourth generation  «AstraMAX» of "The Concern Constellation" with co-production « Runcom Tecnologies» company was introduced on the seminar «New technologies -  foundation of the modern communications» in 2010.
  • First in the world gyratory hot-stamp press with force 14 000 ton-force model KБ8552 was created on the factory «Tyahmezhpress» on august 20, 2010.
  • The Government of the Voronezh region with support of the Russian Federation Investment Fund has being realized the project of creation the industrial park "Maslovsky" for location more than 100 new enterprises including Siemens transformers plant inside the urban district «Maslovka».
  • Nokia Siemens Network Operations Center was opened on September 7, 2011 in Voronezh. It is the first Center in Russia and the fifth in the world.
  • Voronezh city celebrated its 425th anniversary on September, 2011.
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